Whitney received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Arkansas and earned a masters’ degree in Speech Pathology from Louisiana Tech University. She is a professional Speech Pathologist and has traveled internationally, providing various therapies for Feeding, Speech, and Language. Whitney and her husband, Walt, have been married 25 years and have three adult children in college. They attend Free Chapel in Gainesville. Whitney is a founding member of Moms for Liberty, Hall County.


Empower Parents

Whitney will stop politicization of our schools and END the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT). She will re-empower parents to make decisions regarding their children’s school curriculum and culture.

Empower Taxpayers

Whitney has a plan to empower taxpayers by eliminating Georgia’s income tax and replacing it with the Georgia FairTax.

Empower People

We must restore public confidence in our Election Integrity. Whitney will fight for legislation eliminating unwatched drop boxes, ending ballot harvesting, and requiring proper ID for every voter.


“Whitney Pimentel will be an outstanding legislator for the state of Georgia. She’s  a true champion, just like the Bulldogs! I’ve known her and her entire family for  over 35 years. Wonderful, God-fearing, patriotic, community-minded people who  understood the importance of quality education, personal discipline, character,  and humility. I’m so proud of her for running and confident she will be a  thoughtful, focused, and unselfish legislator who knows that she works for the  people—not the other way around. I enthusiastically endorse her and hope the  voters will come to know her. If so, they will vote for her!” 

— Gov Mike Huckabee

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